2018 Presidents Message

President’s Report

2018 AGM Report

By Leslie DeGagne


Looking back on what has transpired over the year I am reminded of the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  TGCA is a vital part of that village for many members and outlets exist to provide the necessary supports for growing a community.  We are very lucky to have dedicated individuals who are community minded and they dedicate their free time to ensure our community continues to provide programing and services that build healthy citizens that keep the village strong.

It takes many people and much time to achieve a community like this. We have over the years always managed to find the right people to run the programming that allows our children to play and grow.  I thank all the people who have dedicated their time this year:

  • To the hockey, figure skating, soccer, ringette and fastball programs.The directors, coaches, managers, officials and parents who have worked hard to make the programs fun for the kids, you are the quiet volunteers without whom the games do not go on.
  • The gym night organizers and volunteers; this year we have a volunteer who has given time to organize a program and the children are having a great time. TGCA is lucky to have you.
  • To Mary Lacoste and her volunteers and all the people who attend the family dances and children’s’ parties. Without your hard work and dedication, the events would not occur. Attendance is up this year at these events.This tells me that families are looking for activities to attend together and I am glad TGCA has provided.

My thanks on behalf of the membership go out as well to the Adult sport volunteers:

  • Volunteers run TGOTs, Dream Team, Slo Pitch and Adult volleyball programs.Thank you for your dedication and continued support of the community.Besides providing programs for adults, these people provide volunteers that help in the canteen when asked.

Over the years, the Booster Club and TGWL have provided leadership and unwavering support with their efforts to ensure this community can continue to function.  The roles have diminished over the years as we become a fully staffed complex but their dedication and support stays the same.  Thank you to all the volunteers of these groups who make sure that pancakes fly at Stampede and the craft fair comes in November.  You represent our history and stand as a symbol of what volunteerism can accomplish.  You and those who came before had the vision of what a community should be and have passed the torch on throughout the years and this community thanks you.

The board of directors is a group of people who work hard over the year to ensure the community voice resonates throughout the city as well as overseeing and providing support for the complex staff. These people take on challenges in their spare time to oversee complex issues, plan for future projects, manage city demands and support community initiatives. My thanks go out on behalf of the membership to everyone who dedicated his or her time to this vital role. 

We do not work in isolation.  At this time, I would like to thank Amanda Turvey and Tannis Eapen from the city for their role in keeping us in touch with the greater city community.  Their work along with director Simone Lee has provided our children with opportunities to discover skills needed to become healthy adults.  The My Neighborhood program has brought new ideas and valued improvements to the community.  Thank you to all members who provided input and ideas.

  • Tannis has worked hard to ensure our disadvantaged youth have a summer camp and started programs for youth that build cooking skills, entrepreneurship and social skills vital to youth.I hope moving forward we continue to build this relationship as it benefits and exemplifies what community is about.

Thank you for your dedication and showing the value of collaborating.

Every year we lose People who were vital to the Community.  This year is no exception.  TGCA lost two very special volunteers this year, Jackie Fietz and Warren Schram.  Their work with this community was invaluable and done without fanfare. We send our thoughts and prayers to the families and thank them for sharing their loved ones with us.  A part of us goes with them as they made us better as they made a community.

As the community grows into the future, the work done is impossible to do without the support of our complex staff.  They do the quiet work behind the scenes that ensure our mandates and functionality are met and maintained.  Thank you to Kevin Kromm and his wonderful staff for all you have done this year to support the community. 

Moving forward to next year, I hope we continue forge relationships with city, provincial and Federal government representatives.  These relationships help us keep the facility ship shape through grants and they provide us with insights that help us keep our membership informed and educated.  Thank you to Sean Chu, Craig Coolahan and Michelle Rempel for your continued support and involvement this year.

Lastly, my personal thanks to all who contributed to TGCA this year.  I am sorry if I left any one out it is a risk I take every time I do one of these reports.  My hope moving forward is that the membership continues to support community initiatives and programs.  We have worked hard this year to provide services for the community of Thorncliffe Greenview , such as the new 56 restaurant, and we hope to use your feedback to continue the is path to the future so that our children and grandchildren can have a place that feels like home.