2018 Public Service Report

PSR for Oct 2018 AGM:

In reflecting on the past year of the TGCA public service events, it’s hard to delineate the progress of issues that have been slowing grinding on for years.

Nevertheless here we go:

Calgary Drop In Centre & the Old Hotel:

Mandated discussions continued with the DI regarding a Citizens Liaison Committee & a Good Neighbour Agreement. In late 2017 at a TGCA hosted public meeting, the DI in an attempt to demonstrate a change in attitude and leadership at the DI made an apology to the community. This was later published in the Horizon. In early 2018 public allegations of workplace bullying and sexual harassment were made against the DI. The named individuals were the same that TGCA had encountered significant strife with in the long six year engagement over this project. The executive director of the DI stepped down and an investigation of the organization was undertaken by both province and city. TGCA stepped away from negotiations during this time. On Oct 24 we finally met again with DI leadership including a new executive directive. We are hopeful that a transformative change is taking place with the DI as all we have asked for and more is now inclusive in the project. While it is tempting to say that TGCA played a part in the DI’s reform, we can at least say we have been on the right side of the debate (often against tremendous pressure) since more or less the beginning.

Golf Course Development:

Similar to the DI, a nearly transformative change has taken place over the past year. In a condition as part of the land use change application for development of the site a “regional water study” was completed and essentially confronted any possibility of its expected building plan. Again we can feel vindicated for holding to a likewise position since 2013 when this began and again against pressure often from community voices that we were taking a losing and less than progressive perspective. During the last year we have continued to have discussions with water services, toured elected officials on the site and proudly participated in the first ever “Sprawlcast” taking a journalist “into” the creek itself.

Secondary Suites:

After eight years of advocating for secondary suite reform. TGCA was pleased to go before City Council when a motion finally passed to improve the process.

Homeowners will no longer need to seek a land use change to develop a suite and significant rules are in place to ensure suites are safe and meet all planning criteria.

Laycock Park:

This disappointingly is being shaped without the promised wetland creation and riparian zone improvements initially promised from 2007 onward. A new bridge and playground are however part of Laycock Park’s redevelopment.

Outdoor Amenity Space:

TGCA worked with an architectural student from the U of C to develop a future plan to compliment the upcoming playground. Concpet drawings can be viewed in the office.

North Hill Planning Engagement:

TGCA successfully lobbied the city to have at least part of our area included in this upcoming process. All residents can go online to add feedback as this begins.

Greenview Industrial Business Improvement Area (BIA):

Mandated by council just over a year ago we have been pleased to attend BIA meetings and provide support to this group as we have continued to do with the GBA (Greenview Business Association) and Skyline Industrial businesses.

Community Representation Framework:

Continue to engage with FCC the city & other community associations on what may change the very structure of how city engagement and community association operation works in the future.

Wing Kei:

Ongoing meetings with the Wing Kei group on what may be a major development for them on Centre Street and 40th Avenue


Reviewed and commented on over fifty development permit and land use applications including six cannabis retail locations in this area (all of which are still going through the process)

Finally thanks to all who have contributed to the public service for TGCA this year who are either members of the board or not.

Marvin Quashnick