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Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association
Board/General Meeting Minutes
Monday September 24, 2018


Leslie DeGagne

Brad Giddings

Derek Livingston

Mary LaCoste

Kevin Kromm

Stacey McDade

Patrick Saunders

Alison Abbott


Amanda Turvey

Stuart Crowther

Glenda Crowther

Brandon Crowther

Briana Trimmer

Nancy Trimmer

Barry Trimmer

1.    Leslie called meeting to order at 7:40pm

2.    Stacey McDade approved agenda

3.    Brad made a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting. Seconded by Derek.

4.    Scholarships were handed out to Brandon Crowther (2nd year) and Briana Trimmer (1st year). We would like to point out that these two recipients are the grandson and great grand-daughter of one of our first Lifetime members of the Community.

5.    Brad Giddings presented the Financial Statements. Brad is to look into the error in Inventory.

6.    Discussions were held on our publisher, Great News. They want us to get more advertising as the costs are very high.

7.    Lounge update: the kick-off for the re-brand of The 56 will occur on October 12, 2018 at 11:30am.

John Pinnow is entertaining on October 5. No tickets are necessary but they are asking people to register.

8.    The Children's Halloween Party is on October 20 and tickets will be 15.00 per a family of four for members, $20.00 per family of four non-members and individual tickets $5.00 each.

The Christmas Party will be held on December 14 and this year we will not be hosting a concert as it was too long for the young ones. If we would like, a concert can be held on a separate evening.

9.    Amanda Turvey presented the North hill planning groups report. Road painting did not get done due to weather. Valuable information sheets from the City were also handed

out by Amanda. She also brought up political engagement and the Financial Wellness Workshop.

10. Alison asked if we would like to have our Liaison Officer attend our AGM to bring awareness of their presence in the Community.

11. The DI group would like to meet with the Community to introduce their new Board and address any concerns we may have. An ombudsman has been hired to run this meeting to ensure things run smoothly.

12. Derek moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Stacey

13. Meeting adjourned 9:00pm