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Good Food Box

What is a Good Food Box?

  • It is a monthly program where community members are able to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables for a very low cost.
  • Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association now has a Good Food Box depot.
  • You receive top quality produce at wholesale prices.
  • You order the size you want when you want.

Three sizes to choose from

  • Large:      $35.00 contains 40+ pounds of produce
  • Medium:  $30.00 contains 30+ pounds of produce
  • Small:     $25.00 contains 20+ pounds of produce

How do you get a Food Box?

  • Bring exact cash to the Horizon Room at Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association on the scheduled pick up day
  • Payment secures your order for the next month
  • If you have any questions, please contact M.J. at 403-275-6752

Good Food Box (Pick up) Schedule (2:00pm-5:00pm)

    Order by April 24                                 Pick up May 4

   Order by May 29                                  Pick up June 8

    Order by June 19                                Pick up June 29

    Order September 18                          Pick up September 28

    Order by October 16                          Pick up October 26

    Order by November 13                     Pick up November 23