Forbes Innes Arena

Facility Information

The Arena is available for booking under the following restrictions (guidelines as of March 1, 2021)

TGCA expectations for users and trainers while utilizing the Forbes Innes Arena

Age 19 and older participants skating indoors must be in one-on-one training sessions:

• Individual training sessions (lesson) must be scheduled/booked in advance. Group or Drop-in sessions are not permitted.
Individual practice and warm-ups are not currently permitted. Skaters must always be in a scheduled training session.
• Coaches must be providing active instruction and correction to the skater during the session.
Passive supervision is not considered training, consequently skaters must be in an active training session with a coach for warm up, training, and cool down while in the facility.
• A coach and skater may only interact with each other in the facility. Interaction with other skaters and coaches during a session is not permitted.
• A skater may not move between coaches for multiple sessions in a row.
• A coach may schedule more than one scheduled session per day. In between skaters, the coach is to sanitize all high touch areas.
• Coaches are to remain masked at all times; skaters are not required to wear a mask while on the ice but must wear a mask anywhere else in the facility.
• Physical distance of 3 metres (9 feet) must be maintained at all times including with other coaches and skaters
• One-on-One Family (from the same household) training is allowed.

Age 18 and younger participants skating indoors are permitted to be coached in private, semi-private (up to a maximum of 10) under the following conditions:

  • No games, scrimmages, or contact play is permitted. Only skills and/or conditioning that allow for 3 metres distance to be maintained at all times are permitted.
  • A group session may have up to 20 people divided in to two groups of 10. One certified coach required per group on the ice (2 coaches 18 skaters). Groups of 10 must not interact the center line divides the ice NO CROSSING THE CENTER LINE. 3 meters distancing must be maintained at all times.
  • Coaches are to remain masked at all times; skaters are not required to wear a mask while on the ice but must wear a mask everywhere else in the facility.

Each booking will be assigned two change rooms. A maximum of 10 participants only (no parents) is permitted in each room. Booking representatives are encouraged to have participants come fully dressed for their ice time. 1 parent is permitted in the arena foyer to assist a participant tying skates in a designated area. Once the participant is completely dressed he/she must go directly to their dressing room and the parent must immediately exit the foyer following the posted signage.

The restrictions are not permitting volunteers, parents, spectators, skaters or coaches to congregate or gather creating a group setting in or out of the facility.

For additional information and the terms and conditions for your booking click HERE 

To see availability and book your ice time, visit the Book The Arena page HERE

The Forbes Innes Arena first opened its doors on October 1, 1977 through the dedication, passion and drive by hardworking volunteers of the Thorncliffe Greenview Communities. When the rink was first built, it was a renowned arena in the Calgary area (with even the Calgary Flames, Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota North Stars practicing here)!

The arena underwent a major renovation in 2010, and we are proud to host youth and adult hockey, figure skating, ringette and public skating.

Arena Features

  • 185′ x 85′ hockey arena
  • 200 capacity seating, not including standing room
  • 2 heated viewing areas on either end of the ice
  • Concession
  • Men’s and Women’s change rooms
  • A Skate Shop
  • Skate Rentals
  • Ice rentals for practice, tournaments, teams, parties & fundraisers

Skating rules

  • The TGCA very highly recommends that anyone, but particularly children, utilizing the Forbes Innes Arena uses a helmet.
  • No strollers or chairs allowed on the ice.
  • There are 6 Skate-Mates available for use free of charge.
  • No food or drinks allowed on the ice.