TGCA Community COVID-19 Information and Support

Updates to the TGCA's policy and protocol re: the April 29 provincial restriction announcements

In light of regulations announced by the Provincial Government, the TGCA has made the following changes to the facility and its departments: 

  • The TGCA administration office is open by appointment only. More info
  • Hatha Yoga and Sit & Be Fit Winter/Spring 2021 programs are cancelled, refunds forthcoming. More info
  • The TGCA racquetball league 2020 credits have been refunded. For more info, please email Melissa,
  • The 56 is closed as of Friday, April 9 at noon. More info. 
  • The Forbes Innes Arena is closed until further notice as of April 30. 
  • Good Food Box orders and pickups are being provided at the centre. More info.
  • Community bingo will be closed until further notice and pots are to be allotted to the next possible games night. More info. 
  • The 5-pin bowling alley is closed. More info.
  • Fee Assistance Initiative – registered bingo shifts have been cancelled. More info
  • The racquetball courts are closed until further notice.

We’d like to thanks all members and residents for their patience and kindness during these extraordinary times, and we really hope to see you soon.

Neighbours supporting neighbours in our community

November 23, 2020

As the number of COVID-19 cases in our communities and health centres mount, the TGCA is looking to our residents and members to ask how we can be of service 

We would like to connect people who need help to those who can provide help during these extremely trying times. 

Whether someone is struggling financially, is in quarantine and can’t do their errands, or just needs help with things like clearing snow from their walks or walking a dog, we can offer support to each other. These simple errands and tasks can be impossible for many folks to do under current Alberta Health Services restrictions, and your assistance could allow a neighbour to avoid making some of the hardest decisions many of us ever face.  

Breaking quarantine to feed yourself shouldn’t be something any of us have to consider. 

Can you provide some support to a neighbour? Do you need some support from a neighbour? If you can help or need help with grocery deliveries, clearing sidewalks, or walking pets, please sign up below.

When two parties have been matched and determined to be a good fit, contact information will be shared by the TGCA between them, and the arrangements for their helper/helpee relationship will be left to their discretion. 

Important: if you are helping out a neighbour, or a neighbour is helping you, take all necessary steps to ensure that you have limited or no contact with that person.

Use a face covering and hand sanitiser before, during and after any contact between parties.

If you are receiving a delivery, set it aside for 48 hours to ensure that any possible virus contamination has expired.

If you are walking a pet, please take all the necessary precautions and make certain that you touch the animal as little as possible. 

City of Calgary suggestions for helping on your street!

The City of Calgary has created some tips and guidelines that can help all of us see what we can do for one another and reach out should we need help or just a friendly gesture.  

Support your neighbour by: 

Support your community by: 

  • Setting up a lending library of books and games 
  • Placing a positive message sign in your window 

Support your city by: 


What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

How do I do the online self assessment?

How do I self-isolate?

What are the supports for seniors?

Income support from the Alberta Government

Resource directory for Albertans,

Thorncliffe Greenview's City of Calgary Community Social Support Worker

Tannis Eapen


Phone: 403-828-8394

Tannis Eapen is the designated social worker for our area. She’s a great source of support and direction for those who aren’t sure what their next step is.

If you are experiencing anxiety, you’re unsure what resources are available to you, or need help, Tannis will help you or connect you with the people you need to speak to. 

The Local, Provincial and Federal Response to COVID-19

City of Calgary 

For the most up-to-date notifications from our city’s leaders, please visit the City of Calgary site: 

City of Calgary Twitter account: 

Province of Alberta 

For the most up-to-date notifications from our province’s leaders, please visit the Provincial Government’s site:

Government of Alberta’s Twitter account: 

The Federal Government of Canada 

For the most up-to-date notifications from our Parliament Ministers, please visit the Federal Government’s site: 

The Government of Canada’s Twitter account: