COVID – 19 Restrictions & Guidelines at The Forbes Innes Arena

Updated: October 22, 2020

The Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association (TGCA) has implemented the following COVID-19 policies for all facility booking representatives and guests to adhere to while utilizing the Forbes Innes Arena.

Upon signing the rental agreement, or clicking the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” on the payment page of the TGCA website, you are releasing the TGCA, Board of Directors and its employees from any liability due to Covid-19. Responsibility falls upon each person who enters the facility. All patrons who wish to enter the TGCA during the declared pandemic has the under­standing of the increased risk of Covid-19. You will enter our building at your own risk. We encourage each group to pass on this information to its participants for review. TGCA has implemented the policies recommended by Alberta Health Services (AHS) to maintain safe operations, additional janitorial staff has been hired to allow our staff to disinfect as per the COVID-19 guidelines. 

As a requirement all bookings representatives are required to return a signed copy of the rental agreement and payment is due via e-transfer to upon receipt. As the demand for bookings has substantially increased no changes or alterations to the user agreement will be permitted. All user agreements/permits will be invoiced monthly to avoid unforeseen government facility closures. No refunds will be granted to any authorized (signed) user agreements. 

Each team must have a Team Representative at every ice time who is responsible for ensuring all COVID-19 Guidelines are followed. REPRESENTATIVES: PLEASE FORWARD THIS DOCUMENT TO ALL YOUR PARTICIPANTS AND ENSURE THAT THEY HAVE READ IT.


If ANY symptoms are present, do not enter the building. Symp­toms include, but are not limited to, FEVER, new onset of cough or worsening chronic cough, new or worsening shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, runny nose, chills, painful swallowing, stuffy nose, headache, muscle/joint ache, feeling unwell, fatigue, severe ex­haustion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, unexplained loss of appetite, loss of sense of smell or taste, conjunctivitis (pink eye)

TGCA strongly recommends that all facility users download the AB TRACE TOGETHER Application The application can potentially help Albertan’s if they are or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19. 


TGCA Expectations for Guests While Utilizing the Facility

Please follow the TGCA Forbes Innes Arena Guidelines during your booking;

  • As mandated by The City of Calgary all players, coaches, parents, staff and other visitors to the arena MUST wear a face covering while inside the facility, the only exemptions being while on the ice or in the showers.
  • While wearing your face covering, please remain 2 metres apart from those not a part of your cohort where possible.
  • ENTRY OF THE FACILITY: When entering the facility, please use the main doors (automatic sliding), which are located at the North end of the facility.
  • EXITING THE FACILITY: The entrance and exits will be marked with arrows. Guests are to follow all signage to the designated exit at the end of their ice time.
  • The maximum people allowed on the ice at any one time is 35-including coaches. Each booking will be assigned 2 dressing rooms; our dressing rooms can accommodate “Non-Cohort” groups of 10 players per room with proper physical distancing. Available seating will be marked in each of the dressing rooms. “Cohort” groups may exceed the maximum allowable participants in the change rooms as the rooms are now recognized as part of the “field of play”. Parents of participants are not included as part of the cohort and required to wear a face covering at all times when inside the facility.
  • TGCA encourages all participants to come dressed in their hockey equipment. Additional spaces in the arena foyer will be provided to each booking (Skate tying area only) Do not allow participants to dress in the hallway.
  • Coaches may use the referees room to change.
  • No additional space will be provided for changing. A supervisor should be monitoring youth in each dressing room and not allow any horseplay or roughhousing.
  • 1 spectator per participant is permitted in the bleachers during U7 and U9 Hockey /Ringette Practices.
  • 1 spectator per participant 9 years old or younger is permitted to spectate from the bleachers during a TGISC ice session.
  • 1 Spectator per participant is permitted to attend scheduled minor hockey/ringette games. Spectators must be seated in the designated seating indicated by signage in the bleachers. Spectators are not permitted to watch at ice level and should remain in designated seating while in the facility.
  • Should tenants/organizations deem spectators necessary, an entry and exit procedure must be created and communicated to parents/guardians by the organizers. To adhere to physical distancing guidelines and avoid gathering in the arena foyer, spectators are required to exit the bleachers IMMEDIATELY after the ice session and exit at the southeast fire exit in the arena (to the left of the score clock). Spectators are not permitted to exit through the arena foyer.
  • A record of all spectators, participants and tenant organizations’ staff names and phone numbers is required to be recorded by the organizer for each ice booking for the purposes of AHS contact tracing.
  • TGCA encourages parents to drop off/pick up their children and do not enter the facility. Program supervisors should be at the arena entrance instructing participants where to go and keep an accurate count of the number of participants in each change room.
  • The TGCA encourages all interested parties to visit to view the ice at the arena remotely. Use the TGCA code 4f3a-0e24 to receive a 10% discount on subscriptions. Alternatively, guests are invited to watch a live feed of arena in The 56 Restaurant and Lounge.
  • We ask that participants do not enter the facility until 20 minutes prior to their booking. This is VERY im­portant to reduce traffic flow. When you enter the facility, follow the arrows to your assigned dressing rooms and get ready to play, you must stay in the dressing room/foyer until notified by the coach or supervisor. You can then proceed to the player’s boxes. Please keep physical distancing as you head to the ice. After your ice time, you will have 20 minutes to vacate the facility. Showers will be limited to 1 person at a time. Please stay in your seating area until it is your turn to use the shower. It is recommended that you ask your participants to shower at home. As you are leaving the dressing rooms follow the posted signs to exit the facility. Go directly outside don’t not stop and talk inside the facility.
  • Our drinking fountains will not be operational. All participants should bring a prefilled bottle that should not be shared. The faucets in each change room are available and participants should use these amenities to wash their hands frequently and when safe to do so. (physical distancing)
  • Coaches/team representatives are responsible for sanitizing their own equipment (i.e. pucks, pylons etc). They are also responsible for ensuring that participants are adhering to physical distancing requirements.

Anyone that is found to be not following the posted rules will be asked to leave the facility immediately. This is very important, as AHS will be moni­toring facilities for compliance.

The TGCA thanks all guests, members, organizations, parents and tenants for their patience and adherence to these guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. These measures are aimed at ensuring all parties’ safety and comfort, and will ultimately ensure that facility is open for leisure and fitness activities. 

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