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Upcoming Events

The TGCA’s 2022 Casino Fundraiser

Come and help out at our casino fundraiser at Pure Casino Calgary! It’ll be fun and all proceeds go to running the community association.

Volunteers in various positions needed to operate our casino fundraiser on Tuesday, February 22 and Wednesday, February 23.

Day or night shifts available:

11:00 am to 7:30 pm

7:00 pm to 3:30 am

11:00 pm to 3:30 am

This is a major fundraiser for the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association as the proceeds will be directed back into the centre. Please contact Diana Christie, Office Manager, at 403-274-6840 ext. 101 or email if you can volunteer.

Volunteers must be 18 or older to participate.

Volunteer position descriptions:

Banker: Banker is in control of the cash and chip inventories. This position is mainly data entry by someone who can utilize a computer mouse.

Cashier: Redeems players’ chips for cash. Little data entry required.

Chip runner: Delivers chips from the Banker to the game tables as required. Will count chips with the gaming floor staff as required. A fair amount of data entry is necessary.

Count Room Staff: Will sort and use money counting machines to count money. Some data entry may be required.

Pure Casino Calgary is located at 1420 Meridian Rd. NE.

Positions currently available: 

Tuesday February 22nd

1 Counter 11:00 pm – 3:30 am

Wednesday February 23rd

1 Banker 11:00 am – 7:30 pm

4 Counters 11:00 pm – 3:30 am

Past Events

Winners announced!

Did you get your vote in this year? We’re so pleased with the participation within the community again this year, so thanks so very much to everyone who voted and put their entries in! We received over 250 votes in the 2021 TGCA Christmas Lights Contest and we’re very pleased to announce the winners.

A $75 TGCA gift card for first prize goes to Brian Sinclair

A $50 TGCA gift card for second prize goes to Nicole Newell

A $35 TGCA gift card for third prize goes to The Nixons

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Let’s continue to share our community spirit with one another and stay tuned for more fun contests and events from the TGCA!

See the winning entries below:

Enjoy dinner on us this holiday season!

Thanks so much to all of our wonderful bingo players who helped raise money for the Calgary Food Bank this year! Together we raised $723 for people in need this holiday season. We sure hope you enjoyed the dinner!



Christmas Dinner at the TGCA, Dec. 19

Dinner starts at 3:30

Celebrate the season at TGCA community bingo and enjoy a delicious meal on us!

The Christmas bingo dinner is FREE! $10 cash deposit required. Buy your ticket and either receive a cash refund when you get your dinner at the canteen or donate it to the Calgary Food Bank.

Buy your ticket at the TGCA bingo wicket at bingo on Sunday and Tuesday!

Your complimentary Christmas dinner includes pork loin | stuffing |mashed potatoes| gravy | veggies | a cupcake | pop or coffee


The 2021 Jingle Bell Hop Recap

Our Jingle Bell Hop was a huge success because of our staff and volunteers. We had a tremendous group of elves who came out and helped put the event together and we thank you all for lending a hand. A special thank you goes out to the staff who helped decorate and setup Santa’s Lodge.

Thank you to all the parents who brought their families out to have a good time with us. The children are getting to know each other after a couple of functions and are having fun together.

How about the generosity of our local businesses? Without your support these parties would not be the success they are. We would like to thank Sobeys/Safeway, Thorncliffe; Canadian Tire, Deerfoot City; Huntington Hills Superstore; and Heritage Park for their donations towards our event. To our readers and party goers, be sure you acknowledge our donors and recommend them to your friends. Let’s make this a two-way affair.

The evening saw everyone enjoying the dinner, dancing, and those special photos with Santa. Thank you to Donna and the kitchen staff for dinner.

In closing, on behalf of Diana, Melissa and myself, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in February. Watch for details in January.

‘till next time,


Jingle Bell Hop Pics

Thanks so much to everyone in the community for coming together to create a brighter holiday for 12 + 3 more families in 2021! There was a total of 60 kids and parents helped through the programs this year!

The 2021 TGCA Adopt-a-Family Fundraiser has been an incredible success this year thanks to residents, members, local teams, businesses and families! A true community effort that benefits people right here in the community. Bravo, everyone!

Donations for this fundraiser are now closed. Click below to read more about the fundraiser and see the donor list.

Thanks so much to all of our guests, vendors and members who came out this year and made the Craft Fair a success! We’ll see you next year!

The 2021 TGCA Craft Fair

The TGCA and the Thorncliffe Greenview Women’s League are excited to invite you to the 2021 TGCA Craft Fair! Get your Christmas shopping started and get into the spirit!

In the TGCA Main Hall on the south side of the centre

Nov. 19, 5 – 9 pm & Nov. 20, 10 am – 3 pm

Free admission, please have your vaccination QR code or documents ready to gain admission.

Look forward to homemade goods and artisan products of all sorts. Greeting cards, ornaments, crocheted toys and garments, jewelry, kitchenware, décor items and much more! No manufactured or pyramid products.

Over 100 vendor tables

Plenty of parking in the east and south parking lots

Hot chocolate, warm snacks, and treats at our concession or have a lovely meal in The 56 restaurant downstairs.

Disabled parking and ramp by the main hall doors on the southeast side on the centre.

A Magic Halloween at the TGCA

Hi to all our followers:

My committee and I would like to thank all the parents for bringing your little ones to come out and play.

We had an inquiry for us to start the dance earlier and would like to advise you that yes, for sure that we will.

Our Magician/D.J., Christopher Cool was booked up and that is why we started a little bit later. Our plans have not all been made for our Christmas party on December 10th but we do plan to start earlier.

Everyone, including parents were happy that we were able to get together again. What a great night we had! We would like to thank all of our donors for once again stepping forward and helping to make this happen. They are as follows:

  • Pratts Food Service
  • Thorncliffe Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Thorncliffe Safeway
  • Save On Foods Huntington
  • Thorncliffe Family Dental
  • Sandstone Pharmacies – Simons Valley I.D.A.
  • Calgary Co-op, Beddington
  • Sandi Hegland, Real Estate Professionals Inc. – Calgary

On behalf of my committee, I would like to thank all our volunteers. See you December 10!!!

Take care till next time.


pics from A Magic Halloween:

The 2021 TGCA AGM Recap

This year’s AGM was a success! The online meeting portion was perhaps a good practice run. We welcomed some new members to the board and said a fond farewell to another. There were some new faces and some very familiar and long-time TGCA supporters in attendance and the wine and cheese was thoroughly enjoyed.

This year’s meeting was a little different, as we attempted to incorporate an online meeting component to accommodate those that wanted to join virtually. We had 3 members join, and we experienced some technical issues with the voting capabilities, but we hope that it proved to be informative for those members.

Councillor Sean Chu’s name came up at the top of the meeting, and the board stated that although they didn’t feel the AGM was the place to discuss the controversy, they’re open to having a town hall to discuss it, should there prove to be enough interest in the community. If you’re interested in such a meeting and are a resident of Thorncliffe or Greenview, please email Vanessa,

The financial statement was discussed by Treasurer Brad Giddings, who we’re happy to say is staying on for another year in this role. The broad strokes are that the TGCA was able to endure the restrictions and shutdowns of the pandemic by utilizing grants from various levels of government, but most notably, the federal wage subsidy. The TGCA overall managed to have a breakeven year and Brad thanked the general manager, Kevin Kromm, and all the staff at the centre for hanging in there. See the FCC audited financial statement here.

Leslie DeGagne, TGCA President, took the opportunity to relay her thoughts about the year and made note of the 65th anniversary celebrations and the CA’s successes in bringing the community together again last month. She thanked the board, staff and The 56/Rec Centre manager Chad Ciarrocca’s commitment to the role he’s taken on since he started in the spring. She also noted the TGCA’s long-time caretaking manager, Bob Cassidy, recently retired after 35 years of service to our community and the TGCA. We all wish the best for Bob in his retirement and had a small get together at The 56 to send him off. Other projects/events like Natalie Robertson’s Woonerf and Grant Symon’s Cleanup Day were recognized along with the hard work of many of our board members that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that Thorncliffe and Greenview are heard.

Alison Abbott, VP of public service, discussed the community’s engagement with our area CPS representative, Constable Lower, and provide a brief overview of the year’s public service and safety concerns. The TGCA has a dedicated email,, that residents can submit reports of crime to for Contable Lower’s review. This is intended to offer a broad view of resident’s concerns and trends in crime in the area. The Facebook community chat page is seen by the board as a good tool for communication among neighbours and can serve as a means of staying aware of what is happening in our area, though she did emphasize that apparent increases in crime are happening all across our city and that all crimes of any kind should be reported to CPS.

The membership fees and privileges will remain the same for the 2021/2022 year, with non-resident members paying $15 + GST per year and resident members paying $15 + GST per one year or $30 + GST for a 3-year membership and retaining the right to vote in TGCA meetings.

We said goodbye to Director-at-Large Natalie Robertson, as she’s being kept very busy finishing her Phd. Thanks so much for the projects you spearheaded at the TGCA, Natalie! We know we’ll see you around the neighbourhood and we see a very bright future for you.

While saying goodbye is tough, the loss is softened by our gaining two community fixtures to our board as Directors-at-Large in Sandi Hegland, who is already an enthusiastic member and business member, and Pamela Haskell, who you may know from her recent volunteer work getting a mural coordinated at Nose Hill Park. Welcome to the TGCA Pamela and Sandi, we’re thrilled to have you!

And so, the story of community goes, some folks step up and others step away, but the building blocks of the community association are strengthened by these reconfigurations and by new faces and old.

The TGCA 65th Anniversary Fall Fair was a great chance to get together again!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and participated in the TGCA 65th Anniversary Fall Fair!

Families, friends, and local businesses and entrepreneurs came together on Saturday for the fair and the weather cooperated too! The Fall Fair was a wonderful way to celebrate 65 years of community building at the TGCA and everyone that lives and works here in Thorncliffe and Greenview.

Among the visitors were folks that were just discovering the centre and those who have been members for decades. The TGCA is very pleased to be able to serve the community with an outdoor event like this one, particularly during these times that can feel so divisive.

Curt Young played an acoustic set to start off the day and recounted stories of learning more about his aboriginal heritage for the audience. There was a live band, local rockers SwayBack, and although there were some technical difficulties, the rock n roll covers were enjoyed by all.

A delicious lunch was provided free of charge by the board and they enjoyed serving up the pulled pork on a bun, coleslaw and corn on the cob with gobs of butter. No doubt, it was a great way to get the afternoon started.

The market and food trucks were well attended and many of the vendors said they enjoyed the event and all the visitors. There were lots of folks meandering about with buckets of mini-donuts and ice cream from the Mini-donuts Canada and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream food trucks. The TGCA also had some wonderful volunteers making and handing out popcorn and cotton candy too!

For the local history buffs, there was a detailed Thorncliffe Greenview area history exhibit in the contest tent. Expect to see the continuation of this detailed project in the future. While those who wanted to know more about the advantages of living in Thorncliffe and Greenview had a chance to view the TG Advantage display, which outlined the assets and highlights of our awesome neighbourhood.

The contests were a success and plenty of prizes were awarded! The pie eating contest was a riot and the winners worked hard for their winnings. The kids’ crazy veggie contest had just enough entries that everyone took home a prize and the Autumn Garden Bouquet got some wonderful entries too. Sean Chu and Jeremy Nixon were on hand as judges in the Pie Baking contest and the judges were almost as lucky as the contestants for that one! Yum! There were quite a few entries for the photo contest and the winners were announced at the Rock n Roll Bingo on The 56 patio.

There was a playground recelebration with balloons and sidewalk chalk and then kids’ activities like egg on a spoon races and sack races too. The kids were having a great time from the beginning of the day until the very end.

We’d like to heartily thank the volunteers who pitched in to make this event a success. Without help from our volunteers, events like this are very difficult to run, so thanks so very much!! We hope that you had a good time.

We’d also like to thank the following grocers in the area for donating supplies for all of the contests and activities. Thanks so very much to the following: Hunterhorn Save On Foods, Superstore, Thorncliffe Shoppers Drug Mart, Thorncliffe Safeway and IDA.

And of course, we’d like to thank our event sponsors and participating business members:

Fall Fair Contests

Event highlights

This Neighbour Day 2021! 4 meal trucks, 1 drink truck and 1 treat truck at The TGCA!

Come to the community centre’s south parking lot for some delicious food truck delights this June 19th! 

The TGCA is excited to partner with YYC Food Trucks to bring you this tasty event on Neighbour Day after the Recycle & Cleanup Day event.

10% of all food truck sales will go toward the TGCA’s Giving Wall pay-it-forward initiative to feed local families in need. What a great way to support your neighbours on Neighbour Day! 

More info here

TGCA Recycling & Cleanup Day Recap

Thanks Thorncliffe Greenview for making our 2021 cleanup such a success! 

Approximately 250 vehicles visited and although there was some light rain, the weather was pleasant. This made for happy participants and the volunteers were outstanding. 

Metal bin was filled to overflowing, all six electronics bins were full with loose electronics also picked up, waste packer trucks called for a 3rd packer to arrive later in the day, The Drop-in Centre donation truck left full about ½ hour before close and the compost packer operator stated that this was one of the busiest cleanups he’d seen.  

Much thanks to board members who provided the volunteers and operators with a BBQ lunch.  

Thanks to all of the volunteers, participants and residents!  

The TGCA Easter Activity Contests and Goodie Giveaway 2021!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to get goodie bags and entered the contests! All the entries were so cool and the judges on the Thorncliffe Greenview Women’s League really had their work cut out for them. We hope that everyone had a great Easter weekend and we look forward to the next community event in Thorncliffe Greenview!

Winners of the Easter drawing contest and the Easter basket making contest below! Look at those awesome prize baskets!

Thanks so much to our area social worker, Tannis Eapen, and all of the awesome volunteers who stepped up to make some springtime fun for our neighbourhood kids! 
Many thanks to our wonderful donors and contributors as well! Save On Foods-Hunterhorn, Shoppers Drug Mart-Thorncliffe, Sandstone IDA and Sandi Hegland, Thorncliffe Realtor, as well as Thorncliffe Safeway, florist, she wrapped the baskets and Jeanette Eby for the garden seeds!! You all made these smiles a real Easter treat!

Have a look at all the awesome entries we got! 

Easter Picture Contest Entries

Easter Basket Making Contest Entries

The TGCA Annual Christmas Lights Contest

Below are the 2020 Winners:

We got an amazing 157 votes from residents and members! Thanks so much for helping us make this contest such a great success this year! Winners got TGCA gift cards in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places!

Whether you submitted your lights, used the map to see them, or voted on your favourite entries, thanks so much for participating in the 2020 Annual Christmas Lights competition. 

 Check out a collage of the entries below. 

The TGCA Pumpkin Walk

Everyone had a great time at the Pumpkin Walk! Thanks so much to all the volunteers, members and residents that made this a memorable and super fun event! 

The jack-o-lantern contest winners have been announced! Click on the poster to see the winning entries!

Thanks so much to all the sponsors that contributed to this event! 

  • Sandi Hegland, Thorncliffe realtor, with Maxwell Realty
  • Thorcliffe Family Dental
  • Bow Tie Pizza
  • Thorncliffe Safeway
  • 4th St. Superstore
  • Beddington Co-op

The Easter Caper 2020


The 2020 Easter Caper was cancelled due to restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding this year’s TGCA events, as we will be going ahead just as soon as it’s safe. 

All online ticket purchases have been refunded to the cards used for the purchase. 

Winterfest 2020

March’s Community Relations Report

By Mary LaCoste

What an amazing weekend at Thorncliffe Greenview for Winterfest.
Friday evening The 56 had free family bowling and their usual delicious fare and coolies. If you have not been down, you should make it a point to attend. We have amazing staff to serve you. While over in the arena we had 96 jam can curlers and visitors. We served over 120 smokies, potato salad and all the fixings. This proved to be a night of fun and I am sure everyone had a good time. Thank you to Aaron and Emily, first time volunteers, welcome to our home. Once again on Saturday in The 56 there was free family bowling which was well attended. In the Main hall we hosted the movie Frozen 2 and from all indications we will be having more. This was well attended and our surprise visit by Elsa, was a big hit even with some of the old children, right Sean Barber? We will be hosting another one for sure. How nice to sit back on a Sunday and take it all in again, all the happy faces, this gives our committee a happy feeling with a job well done. Our committee is Diana Christie, Melissa LaCoste and myself. Thank you to the parents who came out and to the curlers on Friday, Winterfest needs more of you.
Did you have fun and enjoy our movie? Let us know. Diana, Missy, and I had a great time too and we think that it went very well. We were happy with the great turn out and were depending on this to offer more movies.
Elsa’s company name is Ice Princess Parties. You can contact her on Facebook.
Easter is up next on April 4, 2020 from 12:30pm-4:30pm. Activities and games are being planned with snacks provided. No lunch will be served.
We are looking into the possibility of hosting another Movie afternoon on May 2. Keep an eye on our bulletin boards, website and social media for information.
Till next time!