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Huntington Hills Skatepark

Huntington Hills skatepark is a 12,500 square foot combination bowl/street park.

The extensive bowl section ranges in depth from between 5 and 10 feet. The deepest section is pool-style and includes pool coping and a vert extension.

Features in the rest of the bowl include a clamshell, spine, box, extension, and various hips-- including a volcano.

The street area has a 6 stair handrail and euro/step up and a hubba ledge going down each side. The 4 foot quarter pipe at the other end helps build speed for the rooftop ledge/rail. A bank to mini Jersey barrier is a unique feature, along with “slug” ledge and low flatbar. A steep banked quarter and several ledges and manny pads round off the street area.

The park is located behind the Judith Umbach Library.