****Room Rates Subject to change****

Sport & Fitness Rooms (small classes)

Please Note: There is no storage available for these rooms
Main Hall – Gymnasium (Sports only)

The Main Hall can be rented out for a minimum of two hour time slots (space permitting). We do not rent the gym for Floor Hockey.
Rental Fee:   $100.00/hour + GST

 Thorncliffe Room

This hall is great for fitness programs such as yoga, aerobics, dance, karate, etc. The room is rented out on a two hour minimum basis.
Rental Fee:   $45.00/hour + GST

Greenview Room

The Greenview Room, located in the basement, is where it all began. The Community Complex that you see today was built around this hall. The hall is self contained with washrooms. It is a great space for classes such as TaeKwon Do, Karate, and Fitness. **No tables or chairs**
Rental Fee:   $40.00/hour + GST