Meeting Rooms

Board Room



The boardroom is the ideal business meeting space; with comfortable chairs and a large table, it is the classic boardroom layout. With a capacity that can comfortably seat 20 people and priced affordably for $40.00/hour, it suits many suits well.





5600 Room

This space is the ideal space for small parties or gatherings. The room is fully equipped with a sink and coolers. Additionally, the room has a 48' TV, tables and chairs. The meeting fee is $40.00/hour + tax and the party fee is $175.00 + tax. The space also includes a 5 point surround sound system.




Horizon Room

This is the ideal meeting space for a small group looking for privacy. The room includes a fridge, comfortable chairs and a large meeting table. The room can comfortably seat 15 people, and is very affordably priced at $17.50/hr + tax.