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Book Pickleball and Badminton Courts in the Gymnasium

Pickleball and Badminton Court Rentals at the TGCA

Due to the Dec. 8, 2020 provincial government’s announcement of restrictions, there will be no pickleball or badminton court bookings following Dec. 12th until further notice. 

If you have questions or concerns, please email Diana,

Nov. 30, 2020

After thoroughly reviewing current provincial regulations, the TGCA is pleased to offer pickleball and badminton court rentals in the main hall gymnasium 

Price: $15 +GST/hr 

Activities permitted per court: up to 4 players from one household, two players from separate households-given a 2 metre distance is observed at all times which includes training or coaching activities. 

Equipment provided: The TGCA can provide pickleball or badminton nets. All other equipment must be provided by players. 

If you would like to book a court for pickleball or badminton, please contact Diana, or call 403-274-6840, ext. 101. 

Regulation Details 

Regarding pickleball court bookings at the TGCA and mandated by the Alberta Government, there can be no indoor group fitness, group classes, group training and no team practices or competition. A group is defined as 3 or more people. This applies to all pickleball (and other racquet sports) in the TGCA gymnasium. 

The TGCA requires those booking the gymnasium pickleball courts and their booking participants to follow these guidelines to mitigate the risk to fellow players, staff and other TGCA visitors: 

  • As mandated by The City of Calgary, beginning Aug. 1, 2020, all program participants, players, coaches, parents, staff and other visitors to the TGCA MUST wear a mask while inside the facility, the only exemptions being while participating in physical fitness activities or eating/drinking in designated areas. 
  • Wash or sanitize your hands when entering the building. There are multiple sanitizing stations and washrooms available for this use. 
  • Keep a distance of 2 metres between yourself and anyone from outside your household at ALL times. 
  • People can only take part in a group (3 or more) physical activity with persons who are members of their household. 
  • Doubles pickleball (maximum 4) may be allowed only with members of their household. 
  • Oneonone pickleball coaching or training may be allowed with physical distancing. 
  • Singles pickleball may be allowed with 2 members of the same household. 
  • Singles pickleball may also be allowed with 2 people who are not from the same household, provided there is physical distancing at all times in the facility. 
  • Arrive and depart in a timely fashion, and do not linger in common areas. 
  • When your designated league time slot has concluded, maintain a 2 metre distance from others whenever possible, and particularly when exiting the gym and building. 

Refund policy 

Closure contingency refunds – In the event that a citywide closure order of recreation centres is issued due to COVID-19 concerns, the remaining balance of your bookings will not be refunded, as these closures are not within the control of the TGCA. 

The TGCA thanks all participants and players for their attention to and observation of these requirements. 


The TGCA Drop-in Pickleball Program has been Discontinued

Our Drop-in Pickleball Program has been discontinued due to current Alberta Health Services restrictions. It will be determined at a future date whether the program will be re-established, likely in Phase 3 of the Alberta Government’s reopening strategy.