TGCA Bingo

The Fee Assistance Initiative

The FAI is open for booking your shift until end of June 2022 

Important to note: 
  • You must be a TGCA member to participate in this initiative. 
  • All registrants working at community bingo must be 18 or older.
  • Masks are mandatory for shift workers and staff at the community bingo. 
  • When registering for your FAI shifts, you must put them in your cart and proceed to checkout to register.
  • As part of the province’s REP program, the TGCA is requiring that bingo shift workers must have either the Alberta QR record of 2nd dose COVID-19 vaccination, a medical exemption note or a privately-paid, negative, lab-accredited COVID-19 test taken with in the 72 hours to enter the facility as of Nov. 15, 2021. Please note: the TGCA will not accept completed self-test or rapid test as they pose a risk to our staff.
  • If you would like to volunteer your time at bingo, more info here

Part of the TGCA’s purpose is to facilitate and increase our members’ quality of life and well being. One of the ways we do this is by offering opportunities for parents of children in TGCA-approved youth programs – sport, arts and other- to work shifts here at the centre at the bingo nights to subsidize their fees.

This subsidy is often built into your child’s program’s/your team’s/your league’s agreement with the TGCA, and is reflected in your program/team fee total. 

By registering and working your bingo shifts you are contributing a great deal to the community association and our overall mission, so thank you very much!!

If your child is registered in a program that the TGCA has approved to receive fee assistance, you can speak with the registrar or organizer about how exactly you can sign up for these bingo shifts, as each program coordinates this somewhat differently.

The bingo shifts are on Sundays and Tuesdays, from 4:45 – 9:30 pm, and the value of each shift is $55 toward the approved program’s fees. You may work up to 5 shifts per child per season, however this may be flexible within your designated program, so you may want to speak to your registrar about this as well. Please see your shift guide linked below. 

Our community bingo relies on those shifts that are booked to be worked, as bingo is largely how the TGCA funds our maintenance and operations. Our bingo staff are experienced and ready to help you get accustomed to the pace and required tasks for the evening.

For those returning to work bingo shifts, please note, we will no longer require post-dated cheques to confirm your shift.

Cancellation and sickness

In order to ensure that participants follow through, the TGCA does not allow a participants to miss a shift, unless you are sick or there is an emergency. Our zero tolerance policy is designed to ensure that we can continue to offer these subsidies to as many participants/programs as possible, while also ensuring that our bingo nights run smoothly for staff and FAI participants. 

The TGCA requires that any FAI participant that has symptoms of COVID-19 find a replacement for their scheduled shift ASAP. If you have symptoms on your shift, staff will follow protocol and you will be required to leave the facility and go home immediately.

If you can not work your shift, you are responsible for finding a replacement. We suggest asking other parents in the program, your team members, family and friends, or contacting your registrar for help. If you can’t find someone to replace you, please call the TGCA and let us know that you will not be able to work your shift. Please provide as much notice as possible and call the office during regular hours for this type of emergency. If you can’t find a replacement, please call the office and speak to Vanessa. 403-274-6840

If you do not work your shift and provide us no notice, your participation in the initiative will be discontinued and all subsequent shifts will be cancelled. 

Please see the instructions for your bingo shift below:

Registering for Bingo Shifts

If your registrar has explained that you are responsible for registering for the bingo shifts that you’d like, you may register through our site.

Please note, you may only register for 5 shifts per child per season, unless otherwise directed by your registrar. When you have registered for your shifts, they will be submitted to our staff, and will not be considered confirmed until you have received your confirmation after submitting your requests. 

The shifts that you have requested/registered for will appear in your membership account under “bookings” for your reference. 

The TGCA is no longer taking post-dated cheques in order to reduce contact between our members. Please note: if you miss one shift in the TGCA fee assistance program and do not find a replacement, your membership will be placed under review and any further missed shifts will result in your ineligibility in the fee assistance initiative and possible termination of your TGCA membership.

Click below to register for bingo shifts Jan. – June 2022

Submit your child’s program for entry into the initiative

If you would like to submit your child’s program for review in this initiative, please send an inquiry to, and you may be eligible to work bingos as well.