Making Some Memories on Neighbour Day 2020!

Neighbour Day will be a bit different for us all this year, but the core idea is still the same, celebrating what we have in one another!

Celebrate your family, friends, neighbours and your pets too, by taking some pictures of your activities for the day and sending them to us!

Not sure what to do? Have a look at our Activities and Things to Do section on the Community News page, and maybe try one of the many activities there! Your neighbours will love the Silly Walks!!

Whatever you might end up doing, take a couple of pics and send them to Vanessa, We’ll post them up on the site and share them on social media for all to see!

Enter in the following catergories:

  • Neighbours meeting neighbours
  • Kids having fun
  • Pets on the prowl
  • What’s on the BBQ
  • Favourite TG location
  • Supporting a local business

We’ll be looking for your emails, so send them in and make some memories with us this year!

Neighbour Day Submissions - 2020

Tammy Dundas sent in these pics from Thomas Street

Here’s what Tammy said: 

“Here are a few neighbour day photos from our street. Just a very last minute decision Friday night. Amazing what a few text messages can quickly organize.

It just seemed like a good idea since Saturday morning was going to be so nice.

It was “bring your own coffee and bring your own chair” event.  A few treats were provided by Marj Bell and Irene Wishday.

For the most part people kept apart, no handshakes or hugs.  Best part there were many new introductions.”

Looks like they had some good safe fun!

Vanessa Gillard

Programming and community engagement coordinator at the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association

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