Our community newsletter, The Horizon

The Horizon is the Community Association’s official newsletter, and reaches 7,200 households per month in Thorncliffe Greenview. In the spirit of the community, the newsletter is edited, designed and delivered by Great News Media, free of charge. 

The Horizon contains information on the people and events that make our community unique, as well as news from the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association executive board and committees, along with program information and more.

We are delighted to get feedback and commentary from the community, so if you’d like to contribute your perspective to The Horizon or if you would like to discuss a concern, please send an email to Vanessa Gillard, v.gillard@tgcacalgary.com.

For any inquiries regarding advertising in The Horizon, please visit the Great News Media site, www.greatnewsmedia.com, or give them a call, 403-720-0762.

If you haven’t received your newsletter and would like to, you will need to contact our publisher, as they handle delivery through Canada Post. Great News Media, 403-720-0762.

Past Issues:

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