The TGCA Racquetball League

Our racquetball league has been going strong for decades, and there’s always room for more players!

The leagues are on Monday and Wednesday week from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm (depending on how many players sign up (sometimes there is a 4:30 start time). Some players only play Mondays, some only play Wednesdays, but a lot play both nights.

The cost of each league is $110 plus $10 for snacks and prizes on each windup night (for a total of $120). This is a TGCA league, so all league participants must have a valid TGCA membership to participate.

There are three divisions on Mondays (A1 – Advanced, A2 – intermediate & B1 – beginner to intermediate). Wednesday has the same three plus and additional one for elite players called A1 Plus.

There are two leagues per year, one in January and one in Sept. Each league runs for 14 weeks, the last of which is a fun night which we call windup. There is a semi playoff between the top four players in a division, then players five to eight and so on.

Unfortunately, people cannot drop in as all schedules are set. If anyone gets hurt of drops out, there will be replacement players sought.

The leagues are open to both male and female players.

All players typically have their own equipment, but you can also rent goggles and racquets at The 56. Inquire with the bartender.

If you are new to the league, or for more information, contact league leader, Jerry Kwasnitza,

Registration is now closed, but our Fall Racquetball League will open for registration on September 03, 2020. Please note that you need a valid TGCA membership to register for this league, and Jerry Kwasnitza must be notified if you are new to the league in order to add you to the schedule.

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