The 5600 Room

This space is incredibly versatile and works perfectly for small parties, and medium sized meetings or classes. It’s bright and midway between the main building and the arena. Capacity is 40 people, 30 seated.

There is a bar with pop gun, sink and refrigerators; washrooms right outside the entrance to the space, a television and stereo available for entertainment, a convenient space to store coats and serve food, and the rental include 3’ x 6’ tables and chairs. This space is wheelchair accessible, and there is ample parking right outside.

There are a couple of ways that you can rent this space.

Hourly for meetings and classes:

Non-prime-time: $40 + GST (7:00 am-5:00 pm)

Prime-time: $50/hour + GST (5:00 pm-10:00 pm)


Per event for parties:

Afternoon or evening party rate (up to 4 hours): $175 + GST

Liquor service:

Bartender (liquor service): $19/hr + GST

Liquor service corkage: $4.75 per person

If you are having liquor at your event, you’ll need to purchase a liquor license and hire a TGCA Proserve-certified bartenders to serve the drinks at your event.

Often, if you aren’t having liquor at your event, there is no bartender or staff-on-site necessary, however, this policy is subject to scheduling conditions. 

Confirming your booking

If you are renting this space for an event, your rental will be confirmed when all the details have been worked out and it is paid in full.

If you are looking for an ongoing booking, please have a look at our availability calendar, fill out the application and our admin staff will contact you with the details and billing particulars.

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