The TGCA Campground

Are you a member? TGCA Campground is available to you! Get the clan together and have some laughs in the Albertan foothills this season.

The campground resulted from a partnership between the 58th Scouts (our designated scout group) and the community association in 1990, and the Scouts still use the area today for outings. It’s a great area for RVs and many people tent there too!

The TGCA Water Valley Campground is located 45 minutes NW of Calgary, and is the perfect place to host a reunion, party or just plain kick back and relax! Located near Winchell Lake.

There are 3 sites available at the campground, and you can rent 1, 2 or all 3.

Campground rental rates

Number of sites

All Weekend Rental (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

One day rental

1 site



2 sites



All 3 sites



Please note: there is no electricity or running water at this site & the campground is available to members only.

If you’d like to rent the site for an extended period, please check the availability below.

Book the campground here or in the office, and receive the keys in the office for access to the site during office hours.

Available for all TCGA Members on a first come first serve basis, so book yours well in advance, or you may be disappointed.

All campers must abide by these rules and conditions, or risk the good standing of their TGCA membership.

Rules, conditions & obligations of use

  1. No cutting, damaging, or vandalizing of live trees and vegetation.
  2. Site renters are expected to abide by and follow ALL fire bans when in effect, and are responsible for checking if there are any in place.
  3. ALL garbage and empty bottles to be collected and removed from the site.
  4. No hunting or firearms allowed.
  5. No removal of firewood from site.
  6. Quiet time between 11 pm and 7 am (respect our neighbours).
  7. No dumping of trailer holding systems on site (Dumping station at Crossfield).
  8. Please keep washrooms clean. (Lids down and pour approx. 1 cup of lime down the hole after weekend use.)
  9. Bring adequate amount of drinking water.
  10. Group booked into site has use of 1, 2 or 3 site(s) for the time period and number of sites booked. Booking one site doesn’t give you access to all three, and others may be coming to make use of the site while you are there.
  11. Please report all problems, items requiring repair or damage to site facilities found upon your arrival at the site.
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