The TGCA Business Membership

We at the TGCA are proud members of both the business community and the non-profit community in Calgary. As such, we seek to enrich commerce, as well as overall quality of life in Thorncliffe Greenview and within our membership. The business membership program is one of the ways we fulfill these aims.

The TGCA provides a variety of community amenities combined with an extensive array of programs and year-round events and activities to promote and support our members and others who come to share and use our facilities. We are an advocate for our residents, a partner with local businesses and a liaison to our city’s various departments. The development of our community requires that we recognize the diversity among us in order to achieve social, economic, cultural and environmental goals.

CAs exist in every neighbourhood in Calgary – they are non-profit organizations run by your neighbours and other volunteers that connect you, act as a voice for your area, and offer you endless opportunities close to home.

The business membership program has been revisited in 2020. We’ve rolled out a new format that includes many new features that will create more delineated lines of connection between our business, voting, and non-voting members, as well as bring people face-to-face to allow for new relationships and learning. Read about the new features below:

Benefits of The TGCA Business Membership

  • Reach all the TGCA members, families and business members for discounts and promotions
  • Showcase your connectivity to Thorncliffe Greenview and its community association
  • Be connected to others who feel pride in the community
  • Attract more business from locals in the neighbourhood and beyond
  • Be listed in The Horizon, our official monthly newsletter, mailed to over 7000 homes in the community, which will include a lengthened “featured” business each month.
  • Be given access to setup a promotional tent or kiosk at our popular annual community events, like Neighbour Day and the annual Stampede Yahoo
  • A promotional shout-out for your business in some of our weekly emails to the membership throughout the year
  • Mentions and/or tags in related TGCA social media (which reaches about 37,000 monthly impressions)
  • Free listing of your offer on the TGCA website in the TGCA Members’ Benefits page
  • A complimentary decal for your window to indicate your annual community support
  • The ability to offer exclusive member loyalty discounts to TGCA members
  • Share in the exclusive discounts from other businesses and connect with other member businesses
  • Enjoy advance notice and opportunity to sponsor TGCA events

A partnership with the TGCA makes good sense!

An opportunity to demonstrate your businesses’ commitment to the quality of life and community spirit in our thriving neighbourhoods. 

Thorncliffe placed 15th in the 185 communities in Avenues Magazine’s Best Places to Live in 2019.

The TGCA has 1745 likes on Facebook and has been checked into 5515 times, and 2234 followers on Twitter, boasting a combined 37,000 monthly impressions. 

The TGCA is one of the largest community association complexes in Calgary, and has over 1100 members and counting.

Growth in the forecast

Our community is currently experiencing renewed growth as younger families move into our neighbourhoods. This is contributing to property modernization both through pre-sale renovations and from the investment of new homeowners. Schools in our neighbourhoods are also experiencing new growth, especially in the earlier grades. With the median age in our primary members’ communities shifting, we are committed to upholding our legacy of cooperation and support, while ensuring that our facilities remain well maintained, up-to-date, and a vibrant hub for residents, both near and in the greater Calgary area.

As part of the TGCA business membership, we ask that you offer our members a discount or deal that is exclusive to the TGCA. This could be 10% off of purchases, or one-hour free service, or the like. Offers to the membership will be reviewed with your application.

When your application has been approved, you will receive a welcome package in the mail, which contains the 2020 TGCA business membership window decal similar to the one below,  and other information. 

CAs have the unique ability to mobilize, support, and interact with their residents to improve neighbourhood life in Calgary.

The membership fees are detailed here, and will be prorated for members according to month of the current year.

If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please contact

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