The Rescheduled 2020 Anniversary Bingo is cancelled – Cash Refunds Forthcoming

Though the TGCA had rescheduled the Annual Anniversary Bingo for November 2020, the TGCA board has decided to cancel the event until it is safe to hold events of this size again. 

Refunds will take place beginning September 15 until December 31, 2020. All tickets will be null and void as of 2021-no exceptions, so please make sure that you receive yours in this time frame.

The TGCA will be issuing refunds on Tuesdays & Sundays, between 1 pm – 6 pm ONLY. Refunds will be in-person and in cash only.

Refunds for Anniversary Bingo tickets will not be offered at any other time. Please do not visit the administration office for a refund. Office staff do not have access to these funds and will not issue the refunds under any circumstance.

Collect your cash refund:

  • Wear a mask, sanitise your hands and observe safe physical distancing at all times while collecting your refund.
  • Proceed to the Thorncliffe Room, beside the administrative office.
  • Have your ticket(s) with you to return in exchange for your cash refund.
  • Staff member will verify your ticket and return your payment.
  • Exit the Thorncliffe Room keeping physical distancing in mind.

The TGCA thanks all of our bingo players for their continued patience during these precarious times. We hope that you’ll return to our next anniversary bingo for all the excitement and big wins.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 403-274-6840, or email

Vanessa Gillard

Programming and community engagement coordinator at the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association. Spouse Adam Grayton

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