A big shout out to our wonderful event sponsors, and TGCA business members! 

Their contributions will make the Pumpkin Walk very special to lots of wee ones this year! 

We’d also like to thank: Bow Time Pizza, Thorncliffe Safeway, 4th St Superstore, and Beddington Co-op for their generous contributions. 

If you’d like to inquire about becoming a TGCA business member, please email Vanessa, v.gillard@tgcacalgary.com

Check out the jack-o-lantern contest prize winners!

The Lima family won 1st prize! A $50 gift certificate for the TGCA/The 56, a $30 gift certificate for Bow Tie Pizza, and a $25 gift certificate for Co-op
The Gibbs family won second prize! A $35 gift certificate for the TGCA/The 56, and a $25 gift certificate to Co-op.
The Davis family won 3rd prize! A $25 gift certificate to the TGCA/The 56.