Thorncliffe Greenview Scouts Message, June 2020

Last month has been a good time for the scout group.  All sections participated in virtual scouting.  We held a virtual camp fire with everyone having a fire in their backyard and joining in on a video call, we also joined in on a Scouts Canada virtual camp fire. The cubs have been working individually on badges.  Many have completed two or three Individual Adventres Badges.  During our virtual weekly meeting they presented to the group what they have accomplished.  Last week the cubs participated in a virtual escape room challenge, solving different challenges to escape the room.  The cubs worked together to solve the problems.  The beavers have joined with another group to have virtual meetings.

Due to the self isolation we are doing we were not able to hold our bottle drive.  If you have bottles that you would like us to pick-up just text Timothy Wallace at 587-432-8061 and he will arrange someone to pick the bottles up from your house.  Bottle drives are a important part of our fundraising.

Our group is learning how to work together in isolation.

Vanessa Gillard

Programming and community engagement coordinator at the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association

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