Recreation: Wallyball

Wallyball in the Racquetball Courts

We’ve recently added the nets necessary to play Wallyball in our racquetball courts! Wallyball (known in some places as rebound volleyball) is a fast-paced sport that is volleyball played in a racquetball court, where it is legal to hit the ball off of the walls.

The number of players on a side can vary from two to six, and the sport uses a modified form of rally scoring called speed scoring. A point is scored on every service up to the point where one team reaches the “freeze point.” Once that occurs, a point is awarded on the next side-out and from that point on, each team must serve to score a point. The “freeze point” varies depending on the number of points needed to win a game. 

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Court prices per 1 hour

Please arrive 15 minutes before your booking to set up nets for your court to get maximum use. 

Prime times: Monday through Friday after 5:00 pm, all day Saturday & Sunday


Non-prime time: Monday through Friday, 10 am – 5 pm


For an extended booking, please call 403-274-5574 or email Chad,

Please note: wallyball games may have up to 8 players maximum in a court at one time.

Wallyballs can be rented at The 56, please provide a credit card or Alberta ID to ensure return of TGCA equipment.

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